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Do you have a home you want to sell and you are willing to lease

Are you a seller with a house you want to sell but cannot get it done in your time frame? Are you willing to look at the possibility of leasing your home if you knew that you would not have to fix it while it was being leased?

Are you a buyer who wants to purchase a home but you are not ready to get a mortgage? Do you believe  you can get a mortgage and turn your lease into homeownership?

If that is you then you should get in touch with us. The Davis Group Real Estate Team specializes in working with sellers and buyers using lease options to help both. Contact us today for more options

Sell Your Home Today

We Buy Homes that accept Lease Options

We work with sellers who are looking to sell their homes using a lease option. We explain to the seller the good and the bad when it comes to using lease options and the advantages to them when they work directly with us. Using lease options can allow a seller to receive a good price for their property and help to sell their property in a timely fashion. 

We work with Buyers who are looking for Rent to Own Homes

We work with buyers who are looking to own a home  but are not ready to apply for a mortgage through a lender.

In our program you gain many of the benefits of home ownership ( you move into a house, you get to decorate to your personal liking and the feeling that this house will one day be yours).  What you need to bring to the table are a source of steady verifiable income, cash reserves and a desire to obtain a mortgage at a later date.

our program brings buyers and sellers together

Today's real estate market is very competitive. Whether you are a seller or a buyer you need to find the deal that works best for you.

The Davis Group works with sellers who have a house to sell but has not sold yet using traditional methods.  Our use of lease options can save the seller the pain of holding on to a home they wish to sell.
We work with buyers who want to own a home but getting a mortgage today is not working for them. Using lease options is a great way to bridge the gap.

Real Estate Coaching

It is great to want to use real estate to hit your personal and professional goals. The challenge is finding a way to take all that you learn along the way and applying it to your goals for maximum results. 

This real estate coaching program is unlike any other. It takes into consideration the need to first of all instructed. Each week the lessons are designed to build upon the prior week. At the end of the program the student will have a solid understanding of not only the mentality it takes to be an Investor but what are the different types of investments, how to creatively finance your deals, how to make offers, understand contracts, leases and setting up a portfolio that is profitable.

Instead of looking for a lot of money upfront this program is tied to the future success of the student. If the student does not increase their net worth, cash flow, and real estate holdings, then as a coach I do not increase. Just as a teacher should be fired if all of their students fail our coaching program only works if the student excels. Contact us for an intro package.

We work with WHolesalers

If you are a wholesaler and you are good at getting leads but not all of them work out as you expected, consider partnering with us. We can take those leads and see if they fit into our lease to own model. For those that do you will be rewarded. It costs you nothing to see if what you have can be profitable to you. Contact us today for details.

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